Meet the Dimensional Insight Team: Marissa Leone

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marissa-leoneDimensional Insight has a long history of helping healthcare organizations tie together their data and make better decisions that improve outcomes. At the heart of how we provide such meaningful results are the people who work here and apply their real-world experiences toward helping our customers gain the right insights.

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To that end, we would like to introduce you to Marissa Leone, one of our newest faces in the Dimensional Insight family. She is one of our healthcare consultants from our headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts. Learn about Marissa’s experiences and her insight on what hospitals need from business intelligence solutions.

What do you do in your role at Dimensional Insight?

I started a little over two months ago in the consultant role. I work primarily on the development side, focusing on Measure Factory and the surgery knowledge base. In addition, I help Dimensional Insight understand the Physician Performance Advisor product and communicate what hospitals are looking for in a physician scorecard.

You started out with your RN (nursing degree). How did you come into health IT and your current position at Dimensional Insight?

Yes, I started with my RN. During my sophomore year in nursing school, we had to take a required health informatics class. In that class, I discovered that I love technology and was curious about the intersection between health and tech. After that class, I knew I wanted a degree in informatics. I also recently finished my Masters of Science in Health Informatics at Northeastern. I also worked for 1.5 years at a major EHR company.

Based on your previous experiences, what do you think are the biggest pain points that hospitals have with their EMRs?

I think one of the biggest pain points that hospitals have with their EMRs is the lack of understanding in how to use them and the lack of continuity in workflow. You can’t analyze information that doesn’t exist in an EMR. Doctors, nurses, and technicians who use an EMR tend to forget to enter all the right pieces of information, which disrupts the proper workflow. They also don’t know how to use an EMR so that an executive can look at and understand it.

What do you think hospitals need in an analytics solution?

Hospitals need an analytics solution that is full-service and easy to use. They need to be able to dive in and see all the needed information but also have a product that anyone – whether a nurse, doctor, or executive – can look at and understand. It needs to be easy and intuitive.

How does Dimensional Insight’s healthcare analytics offering differ from other offerings that you’ve seen on the market?

Dimensional Insight’s product is more flexible compared to other offerings in the market, which makes it easier to use and understand. It also allows users to go more in depth with information, especially with the ProDiver tool.

Tell me about yourself. What do you like to do in your free time?

I love to read, especially memoirs. I love to hike and be outdoors.

Thanks for your time, Marissa! If you have questions for Marissa about her work, let us know in the comments section below.

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