The Use of Big Data for Sales and Marketing Optimization

Big data sales

Sales and marketing optimization can be a struggle for companies, regardless of size. Without a defined strategy in place, it can be difficult for marketers and sales teams to get on the same page, generate leads, and sustain the business’ overall bottom line.

That being said, big data is becoming one of the many keys to unlocking more productivity when it comes to sales and marketing. Let’s take a look at how businesses are using big data and analytics for sales and marketing optimization. (more…)

How Hospitals Can Improve the Way Providers Interact with Technology

Computerization in healthcareMore than 90% of American hospitals have been computerized over the past decade. The goal has been to simplify physician tasks and free up time for patient care.  That said, physicians spend approximately two hours doing computer work for every hour spent face-to-face with a patient.

If this is the case, would it be a stretch to say that the wave of computerization has made life more difficult for physicians rather than easier? And if that is the case, what can be done to maximize the benefits of technology in healthcare without making life harder for staff and potentially sacrificing the quality of patient care? (more…)