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Dimensional Insight had the pleasure of attending the HIMSS22 conference in Orlando, Florida. Like many businesses, we were excited to finally reconnect with our peers in-person and come together to learn about new trends, challenges, and opportunities facing the healthcare industry. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from this year’s conference.

Prominent themes

One of the best parts of any HIMSS conference is the unique learning opportunities and industry lessons we bring home with us. This year, certain themes were particularly popular amongst the many conversations had over the course of the week.

Disparities in health equity

To kick off the week, the opening keynote drove home some important messages regarding the current state of health equity. The industry as a whole learned some hard lessons during the pandemic, which emphasized already existing disparities in patient care. Now, clinicians and executives alike are searching for new strategies in utilizing IT to advance patient outcomes. Organizations across the industry landscape are realizing that it’s not data that creates health inequity, but people. Increased attention has to be paid towards how physicians can make the most of their data, as data is meaningless if it’s not being implemented in clinical flows and used to actually drive patient outcomes.

But the challenges don’t end with the physician either. With the continuing evolution of automation and AI, organizations have to be aware of and address algorithmic bias. The recent mass-adoption of telehealth means IT teams have to work towards overcoming language barriers and understanding how social determinants of health may be affecting their patients. Accountability is crucial in closing some of the existing gaps in health equity.

Recognition for our frontline workers

Effective data governance was one of the industry’s biggest weapons in fighting the pandemic, but now, hospitals have to learn how to balance giving physicians the information they need while also being sure not to overwhelm them. This entails finding the signal in the noise and keeping workflows streamlined. This past year was brutal for frontline staff, and we don’t need to exasperate it with inefficient technology.

Furthermore, the unforgiving schedules necessitated by the pandemic also demonstrated that money isn’t everything—staff need better working conditions and recognition for their hard labor. Physicians and nurses don’t always acknowledge their weaknesses or seek resources for their mental health. Excessive workloads, coupled with guilt from feelings of inadequacy in patient care, have exhausted staff who then have to go home to their families and other personal responsibilities. Hospitals have to recognize their staff for the work that they do and ask what they need to do to take care of their workforce. Employees need their voice heard.

Concerns in cybersecurity

Healthcare cybersecurity is becoming more and more vulnerable, with intrusion threats and ransomware attacks increasing every year. Cybersecurity isn’t just about data breaches and privacy anymore—it can be dangerous and poses a serious threat to patient health, such as by shutting down EHRs necessary for making important decisions. Advances in technology have also provided criminals with the tools required for increasingly creative attacks.

Thankfully, folks in charge don’t seem overburdened or intimidated by the looming threat. If hospitals have the resources, the skills, the staff, are willing to put in the work, these problems can be addressed and prepared for. Encouraging staff to be more forthcoming about patient safety issues can add transparency and help people understand why and how these problems occur.

As a general rules, hospitals have to understand that cybersecurity attacks are a matter of when, not if.

Adapting to a post-pandemic world

COVID-19 has been the largest healthcare disruption in over 50 years, and the industry was forced to learn some hard lessons about its greatest strengths and weaknesses. That said, the pandemic also provided a unique catalyst for change and allowed many businesses to advance in new and exciting ways.

The importance of data-sharing in the age of COVID-19 shed a spotlight on some of the gaps in interoperability and encouraged businesses to address long-standing issues in the healthcare industry. Many organizations now understand the need for an ecosystem that enables seamless data sharing, especially in preparation for a potential future crisis like this past one.

We also saw many new companies in the exhibit hall that weren’t there a couple years ago, motivated by the call to help in the fight against COVID-19. More and more innovative tools are emerging as businesses work to streamline data sharing and give patients access to their own data. Companies everywhere set aside typical corporate ground rules to facilitate better collaboration and focus on taking care of their community.

Dimensional Insight at HIMSS22

With the HIMSS22 conference back to in-person, Dimensional Insight was excited to return to the exhibit hall with a new booth and new technology. Our team had the pleasure of connecting with both old and new friends, all while learning about the biggest trends in healthcare technology.

At this year’s conference, Dimensional Insight took the opportunity to demonstrate new self-service and customization features that give users more agency in how, where, and what information is presented to them. Staff from executives to clinicians alike can tailor their dashboards and reports to their own specific needs, enabling them to find the answers they need. To learn more about our technology, you can read up on Diver Platform here.

With the shadow of COVID-19 looming over HIMSS21, we were thrilled to see how enthusiastic and optimistic everybody was at this year’s show. From what we’ve observed, there’s lots of good work being done, and we’re excited to see where it takes us. We can’t wait to reconnect with you all again next year and look forward to returning at HIMSS23.

To see what else we’ve been up to at Dimensional Insight, check out our What’s New page here.

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