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Dimensional Insight Recognized as Industry Leader

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Dimensional Insight Achieves #1 Rankings

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Dimensional Insight is the leading provider of integrated business intelligence and performance management solutions. Our mission is to make organizational data accessible and usable so everyone from analysts to line of business users can get the information they need to make an informed, data-driven decision.

Business Intelligence Solutions Built on Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform

Business Intelligence Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Business Intelligence Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Business Intelligence Solutions for the Beverage Alcohol Industry

"Dimensional Insight knows healthcare -- they are focused on it -- and that's what sold me. We have been able to leverage their expertise that they've applied at other hospitals to help us."

-Baptist Health South Florida

"After just one year of using Diver, we saw our case volume and associated revenues jump significantly. Tying slaes and marketing initiatives directly to the data in Diver has been a turning point for the company, enabling us to make a successful transition to a consumer-based planning process."


"There are 24,000 accounts in our general ledger. So, in the past, compiling a budget would take 10 days -- now it takes only 2."

-Florida's Natural Growers

"Diver has made it easier for our sales organization to see how they are performing, what needs to be improved upon, and where the opportunities are for that improvement -- and it's all instantly available. Our managers don't have to continually request reports in search of a few numbers because we've made it available to them via dashboards. Information is now truly [available] at their fingertips."

-Lipman Brothers

"We have a bottoms-up independent assessment of the integrity of what the sales group comes up with. We are able to look at the different types of discounts, standard costs, and regular list prices, so we have a better understanding of discounts and profitability by customer and product."

-New Balance

"Diver is able to take raw data from the EHR and other systems, in different formats, and bring it all together into data models that allow us to access and present the data in so many ways we couldn't before."

-Hopkins County Memorial Hospital

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