Product Demos

Hospital Operations

  • Powered by Dimensional Insight’s Measure Factory technology
  • Built-in ability to quantitatively analyze each measure, generated directly from the measure definition
  • Built-in ability to explore information across many categorical variables
  • Self-service dashboards can be customized to be personalized for individual users

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Quality Advisor

  • Gives your hospital insight into its performance on standard inpatient health outcome measures
  • Allows hospitals to look at current levels of performance versus benchmarks based on custom-selected peer groups
  • Includes CMS and AHRQ standard measures

ED Advisor

  • Helps monitor utilization, throughput, and productivity
  • Helps manage hospital capacity and organize census data however it is most relevant
  • As part of Dimensional Insight’s healthcare applications suite, it builds upon the foundation of Hospital Operations

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Infection Prevention Advisor

  • Assign risk factors to departments, procedures, or even individual patient
  • Ease your hospital’s administrative needs, making it easy to meet mandatory reporting requirements
  • Easily encoded infection intelligence rules

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ICU Advisor

  • 4 Key Quadrants: Operations, Revenue Cycle, Quality, and Efficiency
  • Measures: Numerical Metric, Target, Variance, and a Color-coded Indicator
  • Easily filter through other KPIs

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Measure Factory – Dimensional Insight’s Data Governance Product

Measure Factory is a tool developed by Dimensional Insight which can identify important KPIs and standardize company-wide metrics for clearer and more reliable data.

Executive Dashboard

  • 4 Key Quadrants: Operations, Revenue Cycle, Quality, and Efficiency
  • Measures: Numerical Metric, Target, Variance, and a Color-coded Indicator
  • Easily filter through other KPIs


  • Hourly views of the census and patient turnover within the facility
  • Current and Past census views
  • Trends and Shift Data views

Measure Factory

  • Metric definitions
  • How the metric is calculated
  • Ensures users understand viewed data

Inpatient Volumes

  • Key Measures: Volumes, Key Indicators, Revenue, and Procedure Patients
  • Sort by: Month-to-date, Current Complete Month, and Year-to-Date

Surgery Advisor

  • Monitor OR efficiency and utilization
  • Analyze at a point in time or over a period of time
  • Utilization of: Facility Level, During Prime Time Hours, Assigned Block Time

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Surgery Advisor Trends

  • Facility Utilization
  • Block Utilization
  • Cases in Progress and Financials

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Industry Overview

Streamlining the Healthcare Industry with Organized Data

Healthcare professionals and Dimensional Insight employees discuss the ways that clear, well-organized data offered by Dimensional Insight can lead to clearer information, more efficient hospitals, and better patient outcomes.

Dimensional Insight Works with the Beverage Alcohol Industry

Dimensional Insight has years of experience working with the wine and spirits industry, and knows what information the people working at all levels of those businesses are looking for. The Diver platform and its customizable dashboards make this data easily accessible.

Using Data to Improve Education


Dimensional Insight offers several data analysis tools which can revolutionize the way that schools make decisions. Every school is different, which is why our highly dedicated experts can help with the setup and customization, so that each new customer can get the most out of our products.

Customer Testimonials


Chief Information Officer Angela Burgess describes trends in the healthcare industry.

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Henry Mayo now has a system capable of generating patient flow data at each step in the process.

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Beth Grimes of Gwinnett Medical Center shares her insight on what healthcare and hospital systems need in a business intelligence tool.

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Colby Lutz, business intelligence analyst at Western Maryland Health System, dives into the ROI his organization has seen since using Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform.

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Interview with Rob Wilcox, Vice President of Finance, Munson Healthcare.

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In this interview with Darrel Yoder, the manager of business intelligence at Beacon Health, Darrel talks about some of the ways that Dimensional Insight’s Measure Factory helped to organize and improve Beacon Health’s operational data.

Goods & Service, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Education

Duckhorn Wines selected Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform because of its flexibility, ease of use, and easy administration.

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Tina Bulot, Export Sales Operations Director at Hope Family Wines, dives into the benefits of using Diver Platform.

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Johnson Brothers-Mutual describe DiveTab as a multifaceted product for document repository, information delivery, and dynamic data analysis.

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Dimensional Insight interview with customer, Kahn Ventures

Doc Martens originally used Dimensional Insight’s software to write reports. Now the company uses The Diver Solution for almost every aspect of its business.

Dimensional Insight interviews Bene Lamote, Business Intelligence Team Leader of Ghent University. Lamote discusses ways in which Diver has assisted them in managing budget allocations, performance management, and student data.

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