Accelerating Your Analytics Journey through an Application-Based Strategy

Presenters: Michael Brockway

How can you fast-track analytics ROI and reduce the amount of work in development? Learn how an application-based strategy can help you achieve analytics success across the enterprise.

Duration: 33:36


Presenters: Fred Powers and Stan Zanarotti

Hear from our founders on where they see both Dimensional Insight and the analytics market as a whole headed in the years ahead.

Duration: 45:27

Industry: All

Lab: Part 1

Presenters: Jamie Clark, Joe Johnston, Mike Phillips, Ricky Lindeman

Learn more on what’s available in Diver Platform 7.2 and what the developers in the Cambridge Lab are working on in the year ahead.

Duration: 28:42

Industry: All

Lab: Part 2

Presenters: Mike Phillips, Chris Merkel, Jamie Clark 

In this session, we’ll tackle migration to new versions of Diver Platform and Measure Factory, and take a look at additional updates from the Lab.

Duration: 20:52

Industry: All

Accelerating Your Analytics Journey through an Application-Based Strategy (G&S Focus)

Presenters: Michael Brockway

How can you fast-track analytics ROI and reduce the amount of work in development? Learn how an application-based strategy can help you achieve analytics success across the enterprise.

Duration: 33:36

Industry: Goods & Services

Accelerating Your Analytics Journey through an Application-Based Strategy (Healthcare Focus)

Presenters: George Dealy and Gabrielle Amarosa, Dimensional Insight

Colby Lutz, UPMC-Western Maryland

How can you fast-track analytics ROI and reduce the amount of work in development? Learn how an application-based strategy can help you achieve analytics success across the enterprise.

Duration: 28:46

Industry: Healthcare

Deep Dive: Learning More about MyLibrary


Presenters: Jamie Clark and Keith Garvey

MyLibrary is a key feature of Diver Platform 7.2 and will provide users with the ability to set up their own dashboards and view the data most meaningful to them. In this session, we’ll take a deep dive into how you can get the most out of the powerful, new functionality available to you.

How can you fast-track analytics ROI and reduce the amount of work in development? Learn how an application-based strategy can help you achieve analytics success across the enterprise.

Duration: 26:43

Industry: All


Customer Spotlight: Children's Hospital of King's Daughters

Presenters: Mary Jane Darling, Phil Watson, Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters has three separate systems that house patient data, and employees would continually run reports out of the systems and cobble them together into a spreadsheet. Now with Dimensional Insight, the hospital is able to seamlessly integrate systems, resulting in not only standardized patient data, but also a more data-centered culture. Learn about the steps CHKD took to integrate its systems and some lessons it learned along the way.

Duration: 31:13

Industry: Healthcare

Customer Spotlight: Children's National

Presenters: Sean Song Qiang Tan and Demilade Haastrup, Children’s National

Washington, D.C.-based Children’s National, the #1 hospital for newborn care as rated by U.S. News & World Report, needed to better understand staffing in its pharmacy department and where employees were spending their time, so used Diver Platform and Measure Factory to replace a manual, Excel-based process. In this presentation, Sean Song Qiang Tan and Demilade Haastrup will talk about both the technology steps and the people/process steps Children’s National and Dimensional Insight took to complete this project, as well as the lessons learned along the way.

Duration: 22:11

Industry: Healthcare

Customer Spotlight: Empire Distributors

Presenters: Jeff Williams, Empire Distributors

Kahn Ventures has been a Dimensional Insight customer for nearly 20 years, and originally purchased Diver Platform as an on-site installation. However, within the last few years, Kahn decided to move its analytics to the DI Cloud. Hear why the company decided to move to cloud, and what some of the lessons were that Kahn learned along the way. Also hear from Dimensional Insight on what your different options are if you want to move to the cloud as well.

Duration: 24:37

Industry: Goods & Services

Customer Spotlight: Eversource Energy

Presenters: Frances Berger and Joseph Canina

Eversource Energy is a publicly traded Fortune 500 company and the largest utility company in New England, providing energy to 3.6 million customers across Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. In this presentation, hear how Eversource Energy ties its analytics and Measure Factory metrics into its overall corporate goals and strategy.

Duration: 29:52

Industry: Healthcare

Customer Spotlight: Georgia Crown

Presenters: Peter Birdsong, Georgia Crown

The last two years have seen lots of upheaval in the beverage alcohol industry with increased demand during the pandemic, changes in consumer buying behavior, and inventory issues. Learn how Georgia Crown has managed this uncertainty with inventory reports created in Diver Platform and forecasting capabilities that have allowed it to predict consumer preferences moving forward.

Duration: 19:47

Industry: Goods & Services


Presenters: Alexander Skaarup Kristensen, FREJA

At FREJA, a European logistics company, BI & Automation have been on the strategic plan for nearly four years. A dedicated team, a strategic focus, and a flexible and scalable Diver Platform have been the right solution for maximum success at FREJA. In this presentation, Alexander Kristensen will give you a deep insight into the current solution and showcase the platform from a user and developer perspective.

Duration: 29:03

Industry: Transportation

Customer Spotlight: NABCA

Presenters: Amy Grollman, NABCA

The National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA) is a long-time Dimensional Insight customer and has continually implemented new DI technology to improve speed, performance, and reporting capabilities. In this presentation, Amy Grollman of NABCA will share with us how the organization is now using Diver Gateway to provide an integrated experience for users, and she will discuss the benefits that Gateway has provided to NABCA.

Duration: 29:58

Industry: Goods & Services

Customer Spotlight: Mestergruppen

Presenters: Jørn Halvorsen, Mestergruppen AS

Mestergruppen, a building materials supplier that has seen its revenue grow 8-fold in 8 years, started out with a need to budget revenue from its customers in the Fall of 2020 to get increased quality in its sales budget. The success of that module evolved into a complete solution for budgeting and forecasting for Mestergruppen, with business in two countries, 1,500 employees, 30 warehouses, 20+ subsidiaries and NOK (Norwegian Krone) 20+ billion in revenue. Learn more about how the company made this budget module in DivePort using DivePort IN.

Duration: 18:07

Industry: Building Materials

Customer Spotlight: Penn Medicine

Presenters: Greg Kruse, Penn Medicine 

As with many other organizations, Penn Medicine, a world-renowned academic medical center, found it hard to gain momentum for analytics usage in the hospital and difficult to move past common stumbling blocks. But when it deployed Dimensional Insight, it used a new approach to analytics that has paved the road for success. In this presentation, Greg Kruse, Associate Vice President of Strategic Operations & Intelligence, will talk about how having the right technology pieces in place and working with Dimensional Insight on getting user buy-in to governance has resulted in broader analytics adoption and faster time to results than ever before.

Duration: 27:33

Industry: Healthcare

Customer Spotlight: Petalfast

Presenters: Sam Carey

The legalized cannabis industry is expected to grow 25% each year through 2030, and few companies are as well-prepared for this growth as Petalfast is. This full-spectrum sales and marketing agency for the cannabis industry has attracted millions of dollars in VC funding and has developed partnerships with industry leaders. In this presentation, hear from Petalfast’s director of digital on the challenges and opportunities in this market, and how analytics supports the company’s ambitious goals.

Duration: 29:52

Industry: Cannabis


Customer Spotlight: RWJ Barnabas

Presenters: Jennifer Monteleone, RWJ Barnabas

RWJBarnabas Health is New Jersey’s largest integrated health care delivery system, serving more than 3 million patients a year and employing 37,000 people. In this presentation, learn how the health system is using Dimensional Insight for some of its most important strategic priorities and how analytics has gotten buy-in from the highest ranks of the organization.

Duration: 15:04

Industry: Healthcare


Customer Spotlight: Salinas Valley

Presenters: Kathleen Fitzgerald, Salinas Valley Memorial Health System

As with many other organizations, Salinas Valley Memorial Health System is becoming more-and-more data-driven. When the organization decided to embark on new data projects, they found they already had access to a powerful analytics tool in its finance department. Hear how the organization worked with Dimensional Insight to expand its use of Diver Platform across the enterprise to drive insight into other impactful areas and the lessons it learned along the way.

Duration: 26:30

Industry: Healthcare


Data, Decision-Making, and Delivering Value

Presenters: Mark Bayer, Bayer Strategic Consulting

Accurate analytics are absolutely necessary. But they’re not sufficient. Humans process and remember information as stories, not statistics. In this presentation, you’ll see why it’s critical to authentically weave data and facts into narratives; how to craft “mini-stories” that move listeners; and the difference between merely reporting outputs to senior decision-makers and incorporating data into recommendations that address specific desired business outcomes, prompting attitude and behavior change in positive directions.

Duration: 34:12

Industry: All

Information Security: Best Practices to Keep You and Your Company Safe

Presenters: Stan Zanarotti and Mike Phillips

Cybersecurity threats are increasing, posing huge risks to both you and your company. What are steps you can take to keep yourself safe amid online risks? And what is Dimensional Insight doing to keep customer data secure? Learn all about information security in this jam-packed session.

Duration: 22:23

Industry: All

Making the Transition from Data Integrator to Spectre

Presenters: Keith Garvey and Scot McDermid

Are you getting the most out of the Spectre cBase engine? Since its release in 2015, the development of the Spectre cBase engine has improved its memory management and data transformation capabilities. Learn all about Spectre’s ability to perform ETL tasks.

Duration: 25:54

Industry: All

Peak Performance: Getting the most out of Diver Platform

Presenters: Dan Jablonski

Diver Platform can handle large and complex data sets. As data volume and complexity increase, certain best practices can help you provide the best performance to end-users while still meeting your build window requirements. Topics covered will include data extraction strategies, lookup and business rule management, and dashboard design.

Duration: 36:52

Industry: All

The Best User Experience: How to Get the Most Out of Our Three Clients

Presenters: Mike Brockway

DivePort, DiveTab, ProDiver. What are the benefits of each? When do you want to use one client over another? When should you be doing something differently? And how can you integrate your use of these clients to draw on the strength of each? Learn the in’s and out’s of each client and how to maximize what you’re getting out of each one.

Duration: 17:27

Industry: All

Using Your Organization’s Strategy to Define Your Data Needs


Presenters: Shaun Foaden and Lieneke Happel

What does success mean to your organization? How can you quantify that success through your data? In this session, attendees will learn a 5-step process to translate your goals and strategy into concrete data needs, and learn some best practices gleaned through using this process with customers.

Duration: 22:26

Industry: All