Program Advisor

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Manage Programs Effectively and Profitably

Program Management Hurdles

Suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers commit significant resources to tracking and managing programs across hundreds of brands and product lines. Too much time is spent entering data, compiling reports, and making sure that the right information gets distributed to managers and sales reps on a timely basis.

Program Advisor™ helps organizations manage programs and other goal-oriented initiatives more profitably and efficiently. Sales reps and sales support staff gain self-service access to the information required to manage programs, promotions, incentives, placements and quotas.

Program Advisor provides users with dashboard-delivered metrics that help them gauge progress against goals for any and all programs within their sphere of responsibility. Support for organizational hierarchies lets managers and directors see these metrics for all direct reports.

Role-based Information for Every Member of Your Sales & Support Teams

Sales Support Staff:

  • Track more programs without incurring additional headcount
  • Automate the most time consuming and error prone program management tasks

Sales Managers:

  • Provide immediate feedback and/or support to under-performing sales reps

Sales Reps:

  • Identify new accounts and existing account sales opportunities based on current and historic program data
  • Determine current accounts executing well/poorly across programs, brands, price-points, and quotas
  • Identify marginal accounts for potential termination based on poor performance against goals & quotas

IT / Support Staff Requirements:

  • Decrease demand for IT report generation support requests especially at end of fiscal periods
  • Provide safe, secure, role-based reports & dashboards that meet organizational security and information access standards
  • Support expanded program coverage without purchasing additional hardware or adding headcount

Put the Power of Program Advisor to Work for Your Organization

Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers can lower program execution costs and increase return-oninvestment with timely, role-based delivery of program metrics. Sales reps and managers are able to meet sales goals and quotas more frequently by focusing on at-risk programs earlier in the program lifecycle. Program Advisor helps identify the highest margin accounts, brands, and program types and leverage these insights to drive sales. IT and sales support teams can maintain more programs with minimal additional investment in hardware or human resources. Design smarter programs and set more realistic goals & quotas based on historical patterns.

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