Start your BI projects off right

Our eBook, “Start your BI projects off right”, is filled with more than 60 pages of tips and tricks to help you start your BI implementation off on the right foot. Learn what pitfalls you need to avoid and what you need to consider at each stage of the implementation process.


Business intelligence project checklists included in this eBook.

Table of Contents:

Before Your Project Begins
• 6 Considerations When Deciding Whether to Hire a BI Consultant
• 7 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a BI Consultant
• 10 Things a BI Consultant Should Tell You Before Your Project Begins

Kicking Off Your Project
• A 4-Step Process to Expedite Your Project Development
• How a Phased Approach Helps You Avoid the Pitfalls of Enterprise-Wide BI Implementation

Wrapping Up Your Project
• 3 Considerations When Deciding Whether to Take Ownership of Your BI Implementation
• Sample Measure Master

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Provider organizations that are evaluating BI tools shouldn’t be distracted from the end goal by slick displays or fast graphics. Graphics and reports must be built on clear, consistent business rules, effective data transformation, and data from sources across the entire organization.