Columnar database: Diver Platform 7.0 data processing engines

Its columnar database gives Diver the greatest increase in speed and efficiency to features that are most used by power analysts.

The most important feature is the new column-oriented, shareable database storage format optimized for query-time calculations. The design takes advantage of hardware innovations and analysis practices to better handle user behaviors and queries.


[on server hardware]

Data Engine

Build time

~3 hours (in parallel)
(13 Dimensions)

24 minutes

Model / cBase size

227 GB (51 Models)

20 GB (1 cBase)

Marker Open

4200 seconds
(70 min)

3 seconds

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The beauty of this design is how quickly you can answer the business intelligence queries posed earlier. With the self-indexing columnar design, you don’t need to access all records for all products to get the quarterly figures. You don’t even need to access the sales figures for quarters that you’re not interested in. With the columnar database, you only access data elements that are relevant to the query. With databases containing millions of records, you can see how quickly this time savings adds up.