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Find recordings of past Knowledge Forums sessions on this page.

What is it? The Knowledge Forum is a place to get tips from experts and watch live demonstrations of advanced procedures using Dimensional Insight products.

How does it work? Customers send us questions and we call upon our masterful Diver users to give full and detailed answers during a short webinar. These sessions are only 15 to 30 minutes long including a limited Q&A opportunity for you.

When is the Knowledge Forum? Most every Thursday, at 2:00 PM EDT via Zoom

  1. Workbench: Row based access rules for cBase securityDURATION: 06:00
  2. Chart Portlet Series: Maps – data prep, integration with OSM, shading & popupsDURATION: 05:00
  3. ProDiver: Ad hoc grouping using Named GroupsDURATION: 11:35
  1. Energy Advisor DemonstrationDURATION: 06:00
  2. Creating Customized Measure Factory StampsDURATION: 10:35
  1. Ask the DevelopersDURATION: 26:32
  1. What is SiteStats?DURATION: 13:01
  2. How do I add metrics to a DiveTab page?DURATION: 08:01
  3. Data visualizations using Chart Portlets: Column, Line or Area?DURATION: 09:21
  1. How to create Conditional Click ActionsDURATION: 12:50
  2. Data visualization series using Chart Portlets: Scatter PlotsDURATION: 09:21
  3. What is new and interesting on the DI websiteDURATION: 05:05
  1. Application Dashboards: Patterns for Exposing DataDURATION: 07:35
  2. New / Lost AccountsDURATION: 08:14
  3. Data visualization series using Chart Portlets: Stacked Column vs. MultiTab Stacked Column ChartsDURATION: 07:20
  1. Using DivePort Form PortletsDURATION: 05:07
  2. New features: auxiliary measures in StampsDURATION: 07:51
  3. Data visualization series using Chart Portlets: Trellis ChartsDURATION: 11:17
  1. Lost Customer ReportDURATION: 06:38
  2. Data visualization series using Chart Portlets: Histograms vs Column ChartsDURATION: 05:35
  3. Getting cBase data into Excel via DI-ODBCDURATION: 06:44
  1. Integrating external data into a DivePort applicationDURATION: 06:33
  2. Data visualization series using Chart Portlets: Pie and Donut ChartsDURATION: 08:03
  3. Using stamps to view your dataDURATION: 05:19
  1. Can I read XML Files into the Diver Platform?DURATION: 04:50
  2. What are the 7.1(13) Improvements to DivePort?DURATION: 13:36
  3. Where can I find Dimensional Insight on social media?DURATION: 04:20
  1. How can I filter a cBase input using Integrator?DURATION: 04:25
  2. Why does my percent-of-total not add up to 100?DURATION: 02:17
  3. After diving in a cBase, can I view additional information about my selection from a second cBase?DURATION: 03:29
  4. What types of videos are available on the Dimensional Insight website?DURATION: 04:01
  1. Is it possible to change the location of the ProductionServices temporary files?DURATION: 02:38
  2. How can I clean up stale cache files?DURATION: 02:42
  3. How can you make real-time dashboards using the Diver Platform?DURATION: 06:39
  1. What are Tunnels and how can I use them?DURATION: 08:23
  2. Can you show me how to use Assisted Analytics – GS?DURATION: 04:04
  3. Can you show me how to use Assisted Analytics – HC?DURATION: 06:02
  4. Can I view 2 files at the same time in Workbench?DURATION: 03:15
  1. Can I configure NetDiver to use .XLSX instead of .XLS?DURATION: 03:16
  2. Can a QuickView control which summary columns are displayed?DURATION: 04:26
  3. How is Dimensional Insight supporting hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic?DURATION: 07:30
  1. When will the next iteration of the Measure Factory GUI be implemented?DURATION: 04:16
  2. What ever happened to Cell Diver, the Excel Diver plugin?DURATION: 04:57
  3. When is R going to start to be usable?DURATION: 07:32