Charting a New Course

Dimensional Insight Users Conference (DIUC)

September 21-22, 2021


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September 21–22, 2021




1:00–3:00 PM (EST)


Tuesday, September 21

1:00-3:00 pm

Kathy Sucich,
VP of Marketing

Welcome to our 2021 Dimensional Insight Users Conference!

For four hours over two days, you will hear presentations from Dimensional Insight customers and employees on the most impactful ways to use Diver Platform and applications. Our emcee, Kathy Sucich, will serve as your guide over the course of the conference and introduce you to our various topics. Sit back and get ready to learn!

Fred Powers,
Co-founder & CEO

Stan Zanarotti,
Co-founder & CTO

Jamie Clark,
Technical Director

Michael Phillips,
Technical Director


One thing that’s clear from the last year or so is that businesses will never go back to the “way things were.” We are all charting a new course. While that may seem scary, there are ways to be more certain even in the face of uncertain waters. Your data is central to this. In this keynote, Dimensional Insight technology leaders will talk about the latest advances in our technology that will help all of us in charting a new course for our companies.

Gina DellaVedova,
VP, National Sales

Customer case study: Banville Wine Merchants

See how Banville Wine Merchants is educating its sales team and providing them access to data so they are more fact-based sellers.

Colby Lutz,
Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

Customer case study: UPMC Western Maryland

Learn how UPMC Western Maryland is using DivePort’s input technology to transform a previously manual process of combining census data with physician rounding data into an automatic process that provides data that can be used in stamps, matrix portlets, and other types of dashboards.

Keith Garvey,
Senior Training Consultant

Advancing Your Diver Knowledge

Did you know Dimensional Insight has tons of resources to help you get the most out of Diver? Find out where you can get help, learn cool new tricks, and more.

Annie Dunn,
Software Engineer

Creating Your Own Personal Dashboard

Increase your efficiency by creating your own personal dashboard. Learn how to easily access the information you need for your role every time you log in.

Enabling Your Users through Self-Service Analytics

The more users take charge of their own analytics exploration, the faster adoption numbers will rise and the deeper insights users will gain. See how you can better enable your users through self-service capabilities.

John Hu,
UX Designer

Make an Impact with New Dashboards

Learn about new, impactful chart types that both impress users and increase their understanding of data.

Explore Your Data with New Display Stamps and Visualizations

Learn how to show your data in new and impactful ways with our DivePort stamps and visualizations. See how these displays are built and how several elements can interact to create visualizations that will greatly benefit your users.

Nancy Berkowitz,
Industry VP

Simplify Your Data Access with Diver Gateway

You may have heard of Diver Gateway, but what does it mean for you? See how you can simplify your access to data and applications and more easily gain insights.

Doug Powers,
Application Developer

Advanced Data Visualization to Get the Results You Need

How can you better visualize your data? Learn about new, advanced visualizations and how you can use them to make better decisions.

Wednesday, September 22

1:00-3:00 pm

Bjørn Algrøy,
Senior Advisor, Business Intelligence

Customer case study: Posten Norge AS

See how Posten Norge AS is using Dimensional Insight’s stamps and matrix technology to provide users with a useful sales and financial dashboard.

Jason Vegotsky,
Co-founder and CEO

Customer case study: Petalfast

Learn how Petalfast is using its experience with Diver Platform from the wine and spirits industry and using it to gain insights on consumer metrics in the quickly emerging cannabis industry.

George Dealy,
VP of Healthcare Applications

Nora Lissy,
Director of Healthcare Information

Learn about Healthcare Applications

Our applications help you jump-start deployments and get fast ROI. Learn about our latest applications in healthcare, including Surgery Advisor, Emergency Department Advisor, Revenue Cycle Advisor, and Outcomes Advisor.

George Dealy,
VP of Healthcare Applications

Doug Powers,
Applications Developer

Centralize Reports in DiveTab

Accessing reports is getting easier using our DiveTab solution. See how you can benefit from a new central page that will enable you to easily navigate to all your reports. This will also provide you with online or offline access to your important data.

John Hu,
UX Designer

Get a Jump Start on Dashboard Creation

Dashboard design doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn how to use design templates to create powerful dashboards for all your users without much effort.

Tim Lindeman,
VP of Business Innovation

Empower Your Data Scientists

Give your data scientists new tools to allow them to more freely explore data and find more meaningful insights. Learn more about our new Data Science Kit.

George Dealy,
VP of Healthcare Applications

Furthering Insights with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

We’ve all heard about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but how is it actually being used? See how Dimensional Insight is incorporating AI and ML into our products.

Dan Jablonski,
Senior Consultant

Simplifying Data Input Processes

You don’t always need to extract data for analytics from a source system. Learn how you can simplify data entry by inputting it directly into your dashboard.

Michael Phillips,
Technical Director

Moving Analytics to the Cloud

Moving your analytics deployment to the cloud has many benefits, including spreading payments out over time and reducing internal hardware costs. See what options you have to move your analytics to the cloud.

Strengthen the Security of Your Analytics

Learn how to guard against unauthorized analytics usage with new security features including two-factor authentication.

George Dealy,
VP of Healthcare Applications

Julie Lamoureux,
Senior Healthcare Consultant

Ensure Data Trust through Better Governance

Data trust and consistency enables users to make more informed decisions. Learn about governance processes that improve collaboration and lead to more accurate decision-making.

Steve Aumann,
Partner Consultant


How can you best migrate your Diver Platform and applications implementations to the latest version? Learn all about migration in this session.

Mike Brockway,
Consulting Director

John Stoveken,
VP of Hosted Services

John Kievit,
VP of Goods & Services, Industry Strategy

Learn about Goods & Services Applications

Our applications help you jump-start deployments and get fast ROI. Learn about our latest goods & services applications, including Distributor Advisor, Supplier Advisor, and BeverageLink.

Live Q&A

What questions do you have about what you’ve learned at this year’s users conference? Join us for this live Q&A with Dimensional Insight’s co-founders.


Before we tie a bow on this year’s conference, we’ll review some key points and get a sneak peek at where DIUC22 will be held—in-person!

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What Our Customers Say


“So far it’s good. Pretty interesting knowledge sharing I would say. Great way of letting us know what Dimensional Insight can do.”


“Thanks for the amazing group of presentations. Very creative and very informative.”


“Being in the UK, I normally attend the conference in Dublin, so interesting to see presentations from the other side of the pond!”


“The iPhone stuff is awesome… got my work cut out for me.”


“GREAT Conference … THANK YOU!!!!”