Decreasing Newborn Readmits by 24% with Help of Analytics

Quick facts

Organization: Munson Healthcare
Industry: Healthcare
Locations: Headquartered in Traverse City, Mich.; 9 locations in Northern Michigan
Revenue: $941 million
Beds: 709
EMR: Cerner
Employees: 7,500 employees
Customer since: 2013
Solution: Diver Platform

Key goal

In order to gain insight into its data and have more actionable information for its executives and clinical leaders, Munson Healthcare sought a healthcare analytics solution that would:

  • Integrate data from its various EHRs with other source systems to create a unified view of data.
  • Allow the organization to build applications to support the various areas of its True North framework.
  • Push data out to its front lines, to enable clinicians and staff to make more data-informed decisions.

Munson Healthcare is a nine-hospital healthcare system located in Northern Michigan.

Munson Healthcare services 540,000 residents in 30 counties and its facilities cover 11,177 square miles — about the size of Vermont and Delaware combined. Munson Medical Center, the organization’s flagship hospital based in Traverse City, is a Level II Trauma Center and the only trauma center in Northern Michigan. Munson Healthcare is guided by what it calls its “True …