VVE Monitor Webinar 2023

Hoe kan je het bereik van VE verhogen
September 2023


GLIMS & Diver Webinar

Make Data Boost Your Lab
Maart 2022


DivePort: Documents and Input

Demo of functionality that allows users to input data and upload documents.

  • Input forms
  • Table editor
  • Lookup Manager

Diver Platform ODBC connector

Demo of the ODBC connector that allows users to access cbases and with 3rd party tools.

  • What is the ODBC connector
  • Connecting with 3rd party tools

Mobile Analytics: DiveTab

Demo of Dimensional Insight’s application for the iPad and mobile phones.

  • What is DiveTab
  • New: DiveTab with stamps

ProDiver: What's new in ProDiver 7.1

Demo of new design and functionality in ProDiver.

  • ProDiver 7.1 Help
  • Changes to the User Interface
  • New: Switching Dimensions and QuickView type conversions

Stamps and self service in DivePort 7.1

Demo of the new stamp and self-service functionality in Measure Factory.

  • What are Stamp portlets?
  • Creating a Dashboard using the Stamp Portlet
  • What is a Self-Service Page

DivePort: Data portlets in DivePort 7.1

Demo of existing and new data portlets in DivePort 7.1.

  • Charts, Indicators and Maps
  • Measure
  • QuickView
  • New: animated charts

DivePort: Dashboard Design

Demo of different portlet types used to add value to data, offer visual clues, focus attention or help navigation of the portal.

  • DivePort design portlets
  • DivePort navigation portlets

DivePort: Dashboard Design

Demo of DIUX, DI’s new design style standards.

  • DIUX explained
  • Use of icons