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Healthcare IT analyst firm KLAS Research names The Diver Solution Best BI Tool Set for Healthcare

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The complex nature of healthcare today means that hospitals and healthcare providers often employ hundreds of disparate data sources to capture necessary data. Assembling this data into a single actionable format can be difficult, costly, and time-consuming, preventing key decisions from being made in a timely fashion. Dimensional Insight has the answer to this problem: The Diver Solution's flexible enterprise-wide reporting and analytics platform for healthcare business intelligence. Simple and versatile, The Diver Solution makes data integration a snap, and gives key stakeholders a more complete understanding of their data. Use the Diver Solution to get information to where it needs to be when it needs to be there.


With our web-based approach, Dimensional Insight gives users the information they need in the simplest manner possible. Dashboards use a visually intuitive, point-and-click interface to provide updates on key performance indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks directly to the users who need them. Hospital CFOs and comptrollers, for example, can use dashboard views of finance and operational data to immediately assess their budgetary situation, while administrators can tell at a glance whether their re-admittance goals are being met. Use Dimensional Insight's web-based solutions to get key information to key stakeholders quickly, and in a format they can immediately use.

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Our healthcare customers use The Diver Solution™ to track productivity, reduce overtime, monitor hospital-acquired infections, and minimize the cost of physician preference items. Read about some of the financial, clinical, and operational applications deployed by our customers.

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DI Physician Performance Advisor

DI has leveraged our award-winning data integration, modeling, and analysis capabilities into the DI Physician Performance Advisor, a turn-key application that lets hospitals combine data sources relevant to physician performance into a single, integrated dataset.

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