Survey results shared: 100+ CIOs & CMIOs share their health system’s data governance adoption & efforts

Data governance is increasingly important for hospitals to implement, given the myriad of data they have available today and the decisions they need to make based on that data.

Download results of CIO & CMIO data governance survey

However, many healthcare organizations are struggling to implement data governance effectively. They are faced with mounting challenges such as limited resources, time to implement, and associated costs.

Dimensional Insight set out to find the current data governance maturity level for healthcare organizations and the most pressing deployment challenges they face. In August 2017, the company surveyed 104 CIOs and CMIOs about their data governance efforts, asking questions such as:

  • Has your organization adopted an enterprise-wide data governance capacity?
  • What were the primary drivers for adoption?
  • Which obstacles have your organization faced during rollout?
  • What is the total number of KPIs being governed?

Download the full report to get an inside look at the state of data governance in healthcare organizations today.