8 Things You Need To Know When Evaluating a Physician Scorecard Solution

Individual physician performance has a direct impact on a health system’s financial, patient safety, and care quality initiatives.

The 8 selection criteria presented in this brief represent the key requirements Dimensional Insight has gathered over the past ten years from our work with hospitals across the United States on their business intelligence initiatives.

What’s inside:

  • Does the Application Automate the Integration of All Datasources Required for a Complete Assessment?
  • Do You Have Flexibility to Tailor Benchmarks?
  • Is the Data Timely?
  • Does the Application Capture Data Across Care Settings?
  • Are Analytics Embedded?
  • Is the Information Accessible and Usable by Physicians?
  • Does the Application Identify and Quantify Improvement Opportunities?
  • Are Multiple Deployment Options Available?

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As hospitals strive to deliver better care at lower costs, they will need to align physicians to drive the clinical practice changes necessary to reduce variations in care, improve the quality of care, and wring out inefficiencies and waste.