vino del sol

Matching Supply and Demand: Avoiding Overstocks and Shortages in the Dynamic Wine Import Market

Quick facts

Industry: Beverage Alcohol Importer
Structure: Geographically dispersed workforce; California warehouse
Dimensional Insight Customer Since: 2011
Headquarters: Corinth, MS
Solution: Diver Platform

Key goal

  • Maintain visibility across 3 tiers, 50 states, and distributor networks
  • Minimize shortages and overstocks — match supply with demand
  • Growth: doubled in size over the past few years
  • Analyze retail data from multiple sources
  • Lack of decision-making tool
  • No IT department

Founded in 2004, Vino del Sol has built their reputation as a leading importer of terroir-driven wines that over-deliver in value. Known as “The Argentine Wine Specialist®,” they also market exceptional wines and sakes from California, Chile, Japan, and New Zealand.

Vino del Sol discovered a software solution to support its growth and provide visibility across the business, effectively delivering critical information to its workforce spread throughout the US and Argentina. With this visibility, Vino del Sol has minimized overstocks and shortages and manages their product allocations as close to real-time as possible, in this constantly changing environment.