Learning about Business Intelligence Hands-On in the Classroom

Quick facts

Organization: Polk State College
Industry: Education
Location: Polk County, Florida
Students: 11,500
Website: www.polk.edu

Key goals

The goal of the Business Information Technology degree concentration is to provide students with hands-on knowledge and training to prepare them for a career in information technology. Four primary objectives that all business information technology program graduates should be able to achieve are:

  • To serve as a liaison between the information technology and business divisions of a company
  • To apply an understanding of the business process in order to gather, perform, analyze, and submit information to support business objectives
  • To determine how information technology can support managerial decision-making and problem-solving
  • To be able to formulate effective business intelligence data models and design system solutions, and integrate them into a sustainable business model

Polk State College, a college of about 11,500 students, is located in central Florida, between Orlando and Tampa. It offers a bachelor’s degree in business and management, and there are five concentrations in that program.