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Increasing Emergency Department Patient Throughput

Quick facts

Organization: Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
Outpatients treated: 85.8 K
Inpatients: 12.7 K
Patients treated in in ED: 36.5 K
Website: https://www.henrymayo.com/
Solution: Diver Platform


As part of its vision to create an ideal patient-centered environment, the hospital embarked on becoming a “digital” hospital with its decision to replace the mainframe-based computer system with a MEDITECH Client/Server Healthcare Information System.

Prior to the EDM implementation, Henry Mayo did not have the patient flow data necessary to identify and manage Emergency Department (ED) bottlenecks, resulting in long patient wait times in the ED, as well as admission and discharge delays. Additionally, patients were leaving the ED without being seen, creating health risks for the patient and reducing ED revenues.

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial (Henry Mayo) is a 238-bed, not-for-profit, acute care community hospital in Valencia, California, serving the fast-growing Santa Clarita Valley.

With the EDM installation, Henry Mayo now has a system capable of generating patient flow data at each step in the process. This data is leveraged in the Diver Platform to provide a comprehensive and timely view of ED performance with dashboards and reports that aid management in improving ED throughput, utilization, and efficiency.

Measures are available to track end-to-end patient workflow, from the door to triage, to being seen by a doctor, to decision to admit, to clean room available and to transport to an inpatient room. Moreover, this information is available to…