Diver Using Analytics as the Basis of Decision-Making

Quick facts

Quick Facts
Organization: : Doctors Center Hospital
Industry: Healthcare
Location: 4 locations in Puerto Rico
Customer since: 2017
Number of Beds: 650
Employees: 2,500
Website: www.tuhospitalfamiliar.com
Solution: Diver Platform with Measure Factory

Key goal

Doctors Center Hospital sought to implement a healthcare analytics solution with the following goals:

  • Provide an executive dashboard that the hospital’s management – and particularly its president, Dr. Carlos Blanco – could look at and get a daily pulse on the hospital’s key metrics, including census, admissions, and discharges at its four locations.
  • Provide a dashboard that would capture key metrics for each hospital’s emergency department (ED) such as turnaround time and total visit time.
  • Enable the hospital’s nursing staff to make better informed decisions about staffing and treatment options for patients through the use of data.
  • Provide data governance through the use of centralized business rules and metrics that would ensure all stakeholders are looking at the same data in the same way.

Doctors Center Hospital is a four-hospital health system located in Puerto Rico with 650 total beds, making it the third-largest health system on the island. The organization is headquartered in Manatí, which is about 30 miles west of San Juan.

Doctors Center Hospital strongly believes in the value of technology, and it is the only hospital in Puerto Rico to reach Stage 6 on the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model. 

In September 2017, Puerto Rico was hit by two hurricanes in succession — Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. The hurricanes devastated…