Improving Clinical Outcomes and Decreasing Acetaminophen Costs by 78% with Diver Platform

Quick facts

Organization: Western Maryland Health System
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Cumberland, MD
Number of beds: 205
Employees: 2,300
Solution: Diver Platform

Key goal

Western Maryland Health System wanted to use Diver to help it determine:

  • Did IV acetaminophen actually produce better outcomes than the oral version of the drug did?
  • What is the efficacy of other drugs and could the organization use those results to both improve outcomes and reduce costs?

Western Maryland Health System, a rural hospital that serves patients in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, implemented Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform in 2013 to help better navigate the state of Maryland’s new value-based reimbursement model.

With Diver’s help, Western Maryland greatly enhanced its position on key quality indicators in just two years, peaking at 1st in the state after starting out as 46th out of 46 hospitals. Western Maryland has made great improvements across the hospital by focusing on the Triple Aim…