Meeting Business Challenges Efficiently: Brescome Barton Finds Success With Program Advisor

Quick facts

Organization: Brescome Barton
customer since: 2011
Location: North Haven, Connecticut
Company Description: Brescome Barton is a wine, spirits, and beer distributor. It has been in business since 1933
Solution: The Diver Platform and Program Advisor

Key goal

Brescome Barton is the largest distributor of wine, spirits, and beer in the state of Connecticut. The company began using Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform in 2011 when it was looking for a more user-driven product for its analytics.

Brescome Barton spent months auditing the process of its sister company, which had been using Diver already, and subsequently made the decision to also use Diver.

Within a year, Brescome Barton was also using Dimensional Insight’s Program Advisor application to help manage its promotional programs.