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One Platform for Operational, Financial, and Clinical Analysis

Quick facts

Quick Facts

Organization: Allied Physicians Group
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Melville, NY
Customer since: 2016
Solution: Diver Platform and General Ledger Advisor
Company Description: More than 150 pediatric providers on Long Island, New York City, and the lower Hudson Valley joined together as Allied Physicians Group

The goal

Allied Physicians Group wanted to implement an analytics solution that would let it accomplish the following goals:

  • Provide operations data to its physicians (such as productivity, appointments, accounts receivable, and more) that would enable them to better run their individual practices.
  • Be able to access financial data in real time that shows the performance of both the organization as a whole as well as the individual physician practices.
  • Show how the organization is performing on various quality metrics that affect reimbursement by insurance providers.
    Provide visibility into Allied patients so the organization can be more proactive in terms of scheduling things like well visits and vaccine appointments.
  • Be easy to use for both office staff and physicians, and be a platform on which the organization could build future applications as needs arise.

Allied Physicians Group is one of the largest private medical partnerships in the New York metropolitan area. It is comprised of approximately 130 pediatricians who provide patient-centered care and collaborate on best practices. The group’s independence is an integral part to its success because it is not owned by a health system, hospital, or insurance company.

However, being an independent physicians group also has several challenges:

  • Allied places a premium on the freedom of its physicians, which is a big draw for providers. However, this means that different practices have different…