Managing Groups

A group is a collection of users that share similar access requirements. Using groups simplifies managing access to projects and data. If a user belongs to groups that have differing access to a resource, the user's access is determined by a union of each group's access settings.

Groups are managed through the Server Settings > Groups tab.

Prerequisite: To manage groups on a DiveLine connection, you must open a connection to the DiveLine server. For information about opening a connection, see Opening and Closing Connections.

To manage groups:

  1. Open the DiveLine connection.
  2. Choose Tools > Server Settings.
  3. In the Server Settings tab, click the ClosedGroups tab.

Server Settings Groups Tab

A list of the current groups on this DiveLine connection displays.

The Closedcommand buttons to add, edit, copy, and delete groups are at the upper right of the group list above the column headings. If you have a large number of groups, you can use the search box, to the left of the command buttons, to filter the number of groups that display. The search looks for the text in three columns of the groups table (Group name, Description, and Owner) and limits the display to groups that match the characters typed.

Groups command buttons to create, edit, copy, and delete.

For more information about project access and assigning properties and values to groups, see Managing Project Access and Assigning Properties to Users and Groups.