Managing Project Access

By default, non-administrative users will not be allowed to see any project content. Access control needs to be configured for each project. You manage project access on the DiveLine connection level (Tools > Server Settings) either through the Projects tab or the Groups and Users tabs.

NOTE: This topic describes settings in Workbench that grant or limit project access. In addition, there are access control rules that you can set to grant or limit access to specific areas in the project as well as to columns within the data. See Access Control Overview.

There are several ways a user can have access to a project:

  • The user is an administrator for the server.
  • The user is a developer for the project.
  • The project has the Allow Access to all Users check box selected, or the user has access to a special home project (if this feature is implemented).
  • The user belongs to a group that has access to the project.

Most users will have access to projects through a group association. The following sections describe how to provide project access with each method.

NOTE: You can make most of these project access settings through the Projects tab. Setting a user as an administrative user is only possible on the user's Security/Licensing tab.