Access Control Overview

There are several aspects to setting access control, that is configuring the security, in Workbench projects. This topic gives a general workflow and links to specific topics for steps.

At the basic level, you grant or restrict project access to users and groups.

At a more advanced level, when configuring access control, you can set Workbench properties to grant or restrict access to specific files, folders, or columns and rows within a cBase or classic model, based on the property values assigned to users and groups.

NOTE: It is a best practice to set access rules at the project level and select the Inherit from ancestor check box for each folder in the project whenever possible.

The general workflow for setting access control is:

  1. Create users. See Managing Users.
  2. Create groups and assign users to them. See Managing Groups.
  3. Create properties. See Properties Overview.
  4. Set project access for users and groups. See Managing Project Access.
  5. Assign properties and specific values to users and groups. See Assigning Properties to Users and Groups.
  6. Use these properties to configure access control for specific folders in Workbench Explorer. See Configuring Access Control. You can also use these property values in other scripts.


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