Managing Users

Users are managed through the Server Settings > Users tab.

To manage users on a DiveLine connection:

  1. Open the DiveLine connection. See Opening and Closing Connections.
  2. Choose Tools > Server Settings.
  3. In the Server Settings tab, click the Users tab.

    Server Settings Users Tab

The Users tab displays a list of the current users on this DiveLine connection. You can manually resize most columns for readability. From this tab, you can review the following user information: 

NOTE: You can select multiple users using the standard Windows selection methods: Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+click to select non-contiguous, and Shift+click to select contiguous. This may be useful to copy and paste user information into a spreadsheet for analysis.

The Closedcommand icons (top right of user list) allow you to add, edit, copy, and delete users.

User Edit Icons

NOTE: All users who are defined as DiveLine administrators in the Security/Licensing tab for each user also are granted DivePort administrator access. To change this configuration, adjust the user's access level in the DivePort's Users and Groups dialog to something other than Use Default. For more information, see DivePort Administrator Help.

NOTE: For bulk updates, you can use the command line dicfg tool. See Command Line Utility dicfg.exe.