Managing Users

Users are managed through the Server Settings > Users tab.

To manage users on a DiveLine connection:

  1. Open the DiveLine connection. See Opening and Closing Connections.
  2. Choose Tools > Server Settings.
  3. In the Server Settings tab, click the Users tab.

    Server Settings Users Tab

The Users tab displays a list of the current users on this DiveLine connection. You can manually resize most columns for readability. From this tab, you can review the following user information: 

NOTE: You can select multiple users using the standard Windows selection methods: Ctrl+A to select all, Ctrl+click to select non-contiguous, and Shift+click to select contiguous. This may be useful to copy and paste user information into a spreadsheet for analysis.

User Maintenance

The Closedcommand icons (top right of user list) allow you to add, edit, copy, and delete users.

User Edit Icons

NOTE: For bulk updates, you can use the command line dicfg tool. See Command Line Utility dicfg.exe.