What's New in DivePort 7.1?

New Features

Assisted Analytics is a separately-licensed Measure Factory feature that identifies dimension values that are outliers when compared with their peer values. Assisted Analytics reports can help you explore values that might warrant a closer look.

Animated Charts is a feature that actively draws charts on chart portlets or stamp portlets. The duration of the animation is specified in milliseconds as a portal setting or an environment setting.


Changes to Portlets

New chart types are available:

  • Mosaic Chart shows a two-dimensional grid with tiles sized by a data value.

  • Stringline Chart shows the progression of processes through a series of checkpoints.

    Stringline chart.

  • Trellis Chart displays a CrossPlot that is split over multiple subgraphs.

    Trellis chart.

  • Calendar Heatmatrix shows day-to-day change of data values.

    Calendar Heatmatrix.

Indicator Portlets

Two new indicator types have been added:

  • Fill Gauge

    Example of a fill gauge.

  • Circular Gauge

    Example of a circular gauge.

QuickView portlets

  • A new Flex type of QuickView can be collapsible like a pulldown, searchable like a combobox, multi-select like a picklist, all of the above, or none of the above.

    Flex quickview.

The Measures portlet combines all features of the 7.0 Diver and Measures portlets as implemented for Measure Factory licenses.

  • All 7.0 Measures and Diver portlets will be migrated to the 7.1 Measures portlet.

  • Scroll wheel support has been added for both vertical and horizontal scrolling.

The new Stamp portlets allow you to quickly generate predefined dashboards using Measure Factory data.

DivePort page showing nine stamp portlets.

Changes to the Portal

Default portal colors.

  • A Share option has been added to the toolbar. This feature creates a URL that can be used to restore the state of the current page.

  • The Default skin has been updated with more consistent and vibrant colors. The default skin that was defined for version 7.0 is available as the skin option named 7.0 Default.
  • The Self Service option for Measure Factory allows users to manage, add, edit, delete, and populate stamp portlets.

Deprecated Portlets

  • Diver portlet—No longer available. However, diving is now possible in the measures portlet and preexisting diver portlets will be migrated to measures portlets.
  • Dump portlet—No longer available.

  • Reporter portlet—No longer available.
  • Legacy Matrix portlet—No longer available.

Videos in Help

How To videos have been added to this Help system.

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