Measure Factory-Specific QuickViews

In addition to dimension QuickViews, if you have a Measure Factory, DivePort offers the following non-dimension QuickViews.

  • Calendar

  • Current Date

  • Detail

  • Measure—Available in DivePort 7.1(29) and later

  • Time Range

  • User-defined Time Range End

  • User-defined Time Range Start

They appear at the bottom of the QuickView list on the Edit QuickView Portlet > Select QuickViews dialog box. Time Range QuickViews must be defined in the factory configuration file to appear in the list.


The Measure Factory calendar QuickView allows you to specify the calendar type, such as Standard or Fiscal. If the factory configuration file defines multiple calendar types, the calendar QuickView uses the first one listed in the script as the default. If you want a different calendar to be the default, you can use the default-calendar tag in the configuration file to specify the calendar that you want to use.

Current Date

The current date QuickView allows you to specify a day, month, quarter, or year value.

Current date QuickView days


The Detail QuickView specifies whether to display detail lines in a Matrix portlet. It has two options: Show and Hide.

Using a display QuickView

Measure QuickView

A measure QuickView is populated with specific measures. You specify which measures to include when you create the QuickView. This type of QuickView is available in DivePort 7.1(29) and later.

Sample measure QuickView

Time Range QuickViews

If the factory configuration file includes a time range, you can create a ClosedTime Range QuickView. This QuickView is populated with the ranges specified in the configuration file.

Time range QuickView.

Possible Time Range QuickView options are:

  • Today
  • Week-to-Date
  • Month-to-Date
  • Quarter-to-Date
  • Year-to-Date
  • <n> Days
  • <n> Months
  • <n> Quarters
  • <n> Years

NOTE: The factory configuration file can also specify labels for the time ranges. For example YTD for the year-to-date time range. When set, the DivePort page displays the specified label.

User-Defined Time Range

In DivePort 7.1(17) and later, you can allow users to specify a customized time range for Measure Factory data using Time Range Start and Time Range End options on the Add QuickView Portlet, Select QuickView page. You must include both options.

Customizable time range option.

The QuickViews are populated with year-month values based on the date range in the factory.


  • Current is the exact specified range

  • Previous is a range with the same number of months, ending on the month before the selected Time Range Start value

  • Previous Year is the same as the selected range, shifted back by one year (it might overlap Current if the specified range is longer than 12 months)

  • The start/end time range QuickViews do not affect the Current Date or Time Range selections

  • When start/end time range QuickViews are in use, Current Date and Time Range selections are ignored by Time Range QuickView time ranges

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