DIAL Process Node

A DIAL node is a Production process node that runs one or more DIAL scripts.

Production DIAL Node

The Dimensional Insight Access Language (DIAL) is a high-level object oriented programming language designed to process, analyze, and distribute information contained in classic models and cBases.

Ensure that the DIAL executable is configured in the Server Settings > Advanced tab.

Starting with version 7.1(15), DIAL can run in server mode when called from a Production script. See DIAL Server Mode.

TIP: If in Casual mode and you fail to set the Dial User for the server or the DIAL node, processing will proceed using non-server mode mechanics. If in Strict mode, and no Dial User has been set, the DIAL node will fail.

NOTE: You cannot specify the order in which multiple DIAL scripts run. Use multiple DIAL nodes if any DIAL scripts are dependent on another DIAL script completing.

The DIAL node has Closedfour panes where you set attributes.

Production DIAL Node All Panes

See DIAL Overview.