About Chart Portlets

You can use chart portlets to create dynamic visualizations of your data.

You can enable chart animation at the environment or portal level. When enabled, the rendering of charts is animated, typically from left to right. For more information, see Environment Settings or DivePort Portal-Level Settings.

Examples of different types of chart portlets:

Sample pie, line, and bar charts.

Placing the pointer on a point on the chart portlet displays detailed data in a Closedtooltip format.

Example of a tooltip that appears when the pointer stops on a data point.

Optionally, in DivePort 7.1(17) and later, you can add labels to area, bar, column, line, and spline charts to display Closednumeric data values.

Bar chart with numeric labels.


Chart types

You can create the following types of charts:

Types of area charts.

Types of bar charts.

Types of calendar charts.

Types of combination charts.

Types of connection charts.

Types of finance charts.

Types of line and point charts.

Types of MultiTab charts.

Types of pie charts.

Types of statistics charts.

TIP: Charts do not render if they cannot fit in the space provided. If this occurs, increase the width of the chart portlet.

See also Charts.