Generating Consensus and Trust for Quality Measurement to Support Value-Based Care

With more and more revenue shifting into payment models that require all stakeholders to agree on performance and quality, the industry is facing the daunting task of defining accurate, impactful measures to guide the delivery of high-quality care.

What you will find inside:

  • Navigating a highly challenging payment environment.
  • The proliferation of low-value quality measures.
  • Working collaboratively to reduce quality measure clutter.
  • Leveraging health IT tools to create a single source of truth.
  • Moving forward collaboratively into effective quality measurement.

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“The first step will be leveling the playing field in terms of what we’re expecting and what we’re measuring. When we achieve that shared environment of trust, it’s going to drive those outcomes that we are all searching for.”

—Misty Roberts, MSN, Clinical Quality Officer in the Office of the CMO at Humana.