Product Demo

Our software solutions are built on the award-winning Diver BI platform. Diver’s world-class solutions integrate data from multiple sources and multiple formats, providing you with actionable role-based information across your organization. View video demos of the Diver Platform Product Suite below.

Physician Performance Advisor

  • Clinical Data Analytics in One Application
  • Paths to Performance Improvement in Healthcare
  • Clinical Quality Measures and Compliance

Executive Dashboard

  • 4 Key Quadrants: Operations, Revenue Cycle, Quality, and Efficiency
  • Measures: Numerical Metric, Target, Variance, and a Color-coded Indicator
  • Easily filter through other KPIs


  • Hourly views of the census and patient turnover within the facility
  • Current and Past census views
  • Trends and Shift Data views

Measure Factory

  • Metric definitions
  • How the metric is calculated
  • Ensures users understand viewed data

Inpatient Volumes

  • Key Measures: Volumes, Key Indicators, Revenue, and Procedure Patients
  • Sort by: Month-to-date, Current Complete Month, and Year-to-Date

Surgery Advisor

  • Monitor OR efficiency and utilization
  • Analyze at a point in time (Today or Yesterday) or over a period of time (Trend)
  • Utilization of: Facility Level, During Prime Time Hours, Assigned Block Time

Surgery Advisor Trends

  • Facility Utilization
  • Block Utilization
  • Cases in Progress and Financials