Customer Testimonials

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Duckhorn Wines selected Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform because of its flexibility, ease of use, and easy administration.

Mutual Distributing Company describe DiveTab as a multifaceted product for document repository, information delivery, and dynamic data analysis.

Tina Bulot, Export Sales Operations Director at Hope Family Wines, dives into the benefits of using Diver Platform.


Western Maryland Health System Logo

Colby Lutz, business intelligence analyst at Western Maryland Health System, dives into the ROI his organization has seen since using Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform.

Henry Mayo now has a system capable of generating patient flow data at each step in the process.

Chief Information Officer Angela Burgess describes trends in the healthcare industry

Beth Grimes of Gwinnett Medical Center shares her insight on what healthcare and hospital systems need in a business intelligence tool.


Doc Martens originally used Dimensional Insight’s software to write reports. Now the company uses The Diver Solution for almost every aspect of its business.