Data analytics, governance & management for supply chain

We know the complexities of your business — regulations, logistics and depletion — just to name a few.

Give your sales team access to data and documents wherever they go.

Distributor Advisor organizes all the information a sales team needs to do their jobs and makes that information accessible no matter where they are—in the office or away, connected or disconnected.

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Distributors rely on analytics software to increase productivity, improve supply chain visibility, optimize production and grow revenues. In this highly competitive, dynamic industry, Dimensional Insight offers data analytics, data management and data governance solutions to optimize all aspects of supply chain distribution.

Diver delivers these key benefits:

Gain a 360-degree view of your business

Integrate all your key software data sources for a cohesive view of your data


Distribution channel efficiencies

Improve the processes and logistics of delivering an ever-expanding portfolio of perishable products across all-channels.

Optimized production

Rapidly adapt to changing product demands on the factory floor while constantly monitoring operations and inventory to quickly identify opportunities or issues.

Promotion & merchandising effectiveness

Track and manage programs across hundreds of brands and product lines to identify the highest margin accounts, brands, and program types and leverage these insights to drive sales.

Information delivery

Translate data into actionable information and deliver it on a timely basis to your mobile workforce enabling self-service analysis, dashboards, scorecards and reporting.

Improve logistic efficiencies

Effectively track transportation costs and benchmarking 3rd party logistics solutions against one another.

Create a culture of collaboration

Share and collaborate data insights by administering data management and governance solutions. Users gain data trust, by becoming key contributors to the formation of business rules and measures.


Grow your footprint

Identify new distribution opportunities

Customer experience:

See how customers use Diver to overcome challenges and improve overall business performance.