Program Advisor is designed to help you meet goals & quotas.


Sharpen your
sales focus

Determine current accounts executing well/poorly across programs, brands, price-points, and quotas. Provide immediate feedback and/or support to under-performing sales reps. Watch video.

hand shake

Strengthen supplier relationships

Engage with your suppliers on inventory and programs. Provide unparalleled attention and service to your largest and smallest accounts so nobody slips through the cracks. Watch video.

bag of money

Stop leaving money on the table

Complete visibility of all programs in a single location. Understand where new opportunities exist for increased earning potential for your reps and revenue for the company. Watch video.

Program Advisor Saves You Time & Money

As a distributor you spend a lot of resources tracking and managing programs across hundreds of brands and product lines. Program Advisor allows you to stop spending so much time entering data, compiling reports, and making sure that the right information gets distributed to managers and sales reps on a timely basis. Program Advisor can save you countless hours and ultimately save you money. But don’t take our word for it. Use our ROI calculator to see what you can save.

Our ROI calculator is free and easy to use.

With the calculator, you can anonymously input information about your own programs and automatically calculate the time you would save if you managed your programs using Program Advisor. None of the information you enter is sent to Dimensional Insight so any insights revealed are yours alone to see online.

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