Manage distributor programs across suppliers and SKUs

Program Advisor enables distributors to manage their programs across their suppliers and SKUs. With deep visibility into supplier and SKU program activity, users of Program Advisor quickly know program status and where to take actions to ensure program success. Program Advisor can calculate payouts for distributors on all programs.

Program Advisor Saves You Time and Money

Program Advisor can save you countless hours and ultimately save you money by decreasing the time needed to enter data, compile reports, and distribute key information to managers and sales reps.

How Program Advisor Works

Program Advisor delivers key program metrics to all members of sales and support teams daily. Users get self-service access to the information required to manage programs, promotions, incentives, placements, and quotas.


Role based program analytics benefit every member of your team

Sales support staff:
  • Track more programs without incurring additional headcount
  • Automate the most time consuming and error prone program management tasks
Sales managers:
  • Provide immediate feedback and support to underperforming sales reps
Sales reps:
  • Determine current accounts executing well or poorly across programs, brands, price-points, and quotas
  • Identify new accounts and existing account sales opportunities based on current and historic program data
  • Identify marginal accounts based on poor performance against goals and quotas
IT and support staff requirements:
  • Decrease demand for IT report generation support requests especially at end of fiscal periods
  • Provide safe, secure, role-based reports and dashboards that meet organizational security and information access standards
  • Support expanded program coverage without purchasing additional hardware or adding headcount