Manufacturing Business Intelligence

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  • Asset utilization
  • Compliance reporting
  • Defect analysis
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Distribution channel efficiency
  • Equipment effectiveness
  • Inventory optimization
  • Machine diagnostics
  • Operating cost containment
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Process visualization and analysis
  • Product quality reporting
  • Productivity reporting
  • Promotion and merchandising effectiveness
  • Raw materials analysis
  • Sales analytics/channel/advanced supply chain management
  • Sales and profitability analysis
  • Statistical process control
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Traceability

Data Discovery for Everyone in the Company

Today’s production process generates a staggering amount of data, which is totally useless if you can’t proactively turn it into actionable information. Our business intelligence platform includes a powerful business logic layer and data visualization capabilities to ensure that everyone, from analyst to executive, can make data-driven decisions confidently. Check out our Diver displays and visualizations for a preview of what it can do.

Business Intelligence Built for Manufacturing

Optimizing an advanced supply chain process and identifying inefficiencies requires a complete understanding of how products and customers consume resources. Dimensional Insight’s Diver™ enterprise technology provides manufacturing intelligence (MI), enabling managers to perform sophisticated cost and profitability analysis and gain visibility into their manufacturing processes. Learn more about Diver Platform™ for Manufacturing in our data sheet.

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Improve business decisions with software solutions that optimize the advanced supply chain planning process. Access an integrated data view of the supply chain, factory capacity, and operator shift schedules to gain insights and maximize profitability.

Optimize Inventory Levels

Diver’s demand forecasting system makes inventory optimization easy. This sophisticated software allows you to accurately predict in which months input costs will be the lowest and highest for raw materials. Use these insights to adjust your purchasing decisions and reduce material costs.

Minimize Unprofitable Downtime

Diver’s integrated view of the supply chain, factory capacity, and operator shift schedules helps manufacturers optimize productivity. Schedule preventative maintenance when demand and raw material availability are low to minimize unprofitable downtime and ensure that your systems are running at optimal capacity during the most profitable periods.

Dive Deep to Optimize Efficiency

Conduct in-depth analysis to identify time-intensive manufacturing steps that could be remediated by additional operator training or by substituting pre-manufactured materials. Our business intelligence software can provide information to assist with demand planning, correlating with seasonal, cyclical, and other demand trends.