Claims, Premiums, Payouts, Compliance, Reimbursements

Insurance: We know your business.


  • Audit management
  • Claims reporting and analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • General ledger
  • Identity authentication
  • Marketing analytics
  • Meaningful use compliance
  • Membership and referral analysis
  • Payout analysis
  • Policyholder analysis
  • Premium distribution
  • Regulations management
  • Reimbursement management
  • Risk management
  • Security compliance
  • Underwriting/project management
Business Intelligence Built for Insurance

There is no question that insurance is a complex industry, as hospitals and healthcare providers balance patient care with government regulations and insurance companies. The complex nature of insurance originates with the vast number of disparate data sources to capture reliable, timely data. Collecting all the data into an actionable format can be costly, difficult, and time-consuming.

Dimensional Insight offers an effective solution to such data management: Diver Platform. Our business intelligence platform includes data visualization capabilities and exposure to details in complex reports, and Diver Platform will provide you information to help with effective decision making.

Reimbursement management

Our business intelligence software can streamline the labor-intensive, error prone, and time-consuming process of reimbursement management. Automate reimbursement management with data to present claims data in a single actionable format, report, or submission for reimbursement. Take seconds to run ad-hoc reporting tasks, expediting processes by orders of magnitude, gaining insights into your data, and maximize efficiency and productivity.

Claims reporting and analysis

Access critical data and gain the ability to process and manage claims reporting in seconds. Our business intelligence software includes data visualization capabilities that will analyze information in real-time and expose you to details in complex reports. Ensure your systems and processes will run more efficiently and productively with Diver Platform.