Best-In-KLAS Diver Platform™

Merge EMR data with other key sources to identify measurable insights and improve outcomes.

Make organizational data analytics accessible and usable by analysts, business line users, and the C-suite. Everyone can get the information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions. And Diver makes merging your EMR data (from multiple EMRs) with data coming from other systems and sources possible.

Diver gets important information to you and other key stakeholders quickly and in a format you can use immediately. This gives you a more complete understanding of your data so you can make better decisions to improve the patient experience, improve the health of vulnerable populations and reduce the cost of health care.

Engage with your EHR data through Diver’s fully interactive dashboards

As a data-driven modern healthcare executive, you need to not only know the status of your KPIs, but you also need the ability to instantly dive down into contextual information to get a clearer view of what ís happening when a question arises. Diver’s interactive dashboard provides you with everything you need to proactively engage with the data to find answers.

Watch this Diver animation as quadrant data changes

  • Quadrants: 4 interactive quadrants within the executive dashboard

  • KPIs: 7 different KPI views within each quadrant

  • Data Points: 6 data points within each KPI

That’s 168 report items all at your disposal with a single mouse click. No additional report writing. No requests for additional data. No waiting.