Business Intelligence Built for Education

Education: We know your business


  • Academic support
  • Admissions management
  • Budget allocation
  • Classroom enhancement
  • Curriculum development
  • Data management
  • Education planning
  • Enrollment analysis
  • Enrollment optimization
  • Financial analysis
  • General ledger
  • Grants management
  • Operations management
  • Policy evaluation
  • Safety monitoring
  • Strategic planning
  • Student satisfaction
  • University development
Business Intelligence Built for Education

The sources of data in education are vast. Managing the analysis of large amounts of data, and reporting requirements can seem overwhelming — whether across school districts, departments, or campuses. School personnel need a tool that makes this process easier while delivering better results. That’s what the right business intelligence solution can do.

Diver® Platform is Dimensional Insight’s flexible system-wide data management and business intelligence platform. Simple and versatile, Diver® makes data integration and reporting a snap and provides a comprehensive understanding of data to all users across the education system.

Academic support

Consistent academic advising and support is crucial to improving student outcomes. Schools/universities are constantly gathering data on their students. Dimensional Insight’s Diver® Platform can turn this data into actionable information by in many ways that improve the quality and performance of both schools and students. Ultimately, Diver® can help administrators, educators and advisors make better, informed decisions on how to best support their students.

Safety monitoring

Schools and universities face an array of safety and security threats, and administrators need to be prepared to respond appropriately and quickly. Diver’s® capabilities (location data, interactive maps, and access to real-time information) can provide administrators the ability to manage urgent situations. Also, with an integrated communications platform, users can send important messages on any device, at any location, at any time.

Click to enlarge. Many thanks to Dimensional Insight distributor, Infotool Sweden, and their customer, Dalarna University, for these examples of how Diver® is used for the education industry.

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