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Supply chain and beverage alcohol companies: We speak your language. We know your business.


Software capabilities for suppliers:

Software capabilities for distributors

  • Brand / Product / Item / SKU reporting
  • Depletions / RAD / Direct to Consumer sales
  • Distribution Channel Analysis
  • Margin Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Minimize Stock-Outs and Overstocks
  • Outstanding Orders and Shipments
  • Production Analysis
  • Purchasing / Operations
  • Sales Velocity Analysis & Dashboards
  • Brand Performance / Goals VS Actual
  • Identify New Placements / PODS
  • Manage Incentive Programs
  • Marketing Analysis / Reporting
  • Promotions Management
  • Rep Scorecards
  • Sales Channel Management
  • Sales Team Dashboards
  • Supplier Reporting
  • Territory / Brand Management

Wine & Spirits Industry

Dimensional Insight’s customers from the wine and spirits industry share how Diver® Platform is becoming a “must-have” tool for businesses. Diver® is a flexible solution tool that provides quick information delivery and dynamic data analysis about products, workflow, and industry trends.

The 3-tiered beverage alcohol industry is characterized by strong competition, consolidation, and complex government regulation. Hundreds of distributors, wineries, distillers, and importers use Diver® and purpose-built applications from Dimensional Insight to analyze their company data, manage sales, identify opportunities for profit and operate at peak efficiency.

Beverage Alcohol Suppliers

  • Track sales and product shipments downstream through multiple distributors
  • Minimize stock-outs and overstocks
  • Gain a 360-degree view of your business by integrating data from multiple disconnected business systems and syndicated data
  • Increase sales, profit, and market share
  • Produce rolled-up reporting and dashboards for product shipments, velocity, and depletions

Beverage Alcohol Distributors

  • Manage complex promotional programs and incentive programs from all your suppliers
  • Empower sales reps with the reporting and sales tools they need at the “moment of truth” as they are meeting with customers out in the field
  • Identify new placement opportunities
  • Produce detailed interactive sales reports, dashboards and scorecards

Supplier Advisor™

Supplier Advisor helps suppliers manage their business for increased productivity and efficiency. With up-to-date anywhere/anytime access to information about depletions, shipments, and sales, decision-makers can improve product and account management and capitalize on growth opportunities.

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