Are you ready to take your analytics capabilities to the next level? Then it’s time to dive into the award-winning Diver Platform. Diver’s powerful analytics, dashboard capabilities, robust security and data integration make it tremendously powerful and flexible — giving you analytics in real time. We make analytics accessible and usable for everyone within your organization: C-suite, analysts, and business line users.

At Dimensional Insight, we have spent the past 30 years developing a powerful analytics solutions for highly regulated and compliance-driven industries. Discover why our solutions have analytics longevity.

Watch Diver in action demonstrating an analytics healthcare C-suite dashboard.

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  • Quadrants: 4 interactive quadrants within the executive dashboard
  • KPIs: 7 different KPI views within each quadrant
  • Data Points: 6 data points within each KPI

That’s 168 report items all at your disposal with a single mouse click. No additional report writing. No requests for additional data. No waiting.