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Program Advisor™

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Program Advisor helps identify the highest margin accounts, brands and program types and leverages these insights to drive sales.

Management can see payouts every step of the way. IT and sales support teams can maintain more programs with minimal additional investment in hardware or human resources.

sharpen your sales focus

Sharpen your sales focus

Determine current accounts executing well/poorly across programs, brands, price-points, and quotas. Provide immediate feedback and/or support to under-performing sales reps.

Strengthen relationships

Strengthen relationships

Engage with your suppliers on inventory and programs. Provide unparalleled attention and service to your largest and smallest accounts so nobody slips through the cracks.

Leave no money behind

Leave no money behind

Complete visibility of all programs in a single location. Understand where new opportunities exist for increased earning potential for your reps and revenue for the company.

Lower program execution costs

Distributors can lower program execution costs and increase return-on-investment with timely, role-based delivery of program metrics. Managers and salespeople are able to meet sales goals and quotas more frequently by focusing on at-risk programs earlier in the program life cycle.

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