Dimensional Insight Achieves Top Ranks in BARC’s The BI Survey 16

Company attains top scores in 14 KPI categories demonstrating strength in both the dashboarding-focused and self-service reporting-focused product peer groups

Press Release

October 25, 2016

Media Contact:
Kathy Sucich at Dimensional Insight

BURLINGTON, MASS. OCTOBER 25, 2016 – Dimensional Insight, a developer of business intelligence (BI) solutions for complex and highly regulated industries, today announced that it has achieved top scores in 14 KPI categories in The BI Survey 16. Produced by BARC, a leading enterprise software industry analyst and consulting firm, the research is based on findings from the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of BI end-users. For The BI Survey 16, BARC surveyed 3,137 customers and analyzed 37 unique BI products.

“Dimensional Insight continues to prove itself as a top BI vendor based on very strong rankings from end-users,” said Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC. “In such a competitive market, BI companies need to show value to their customers, and it is clear Dimensional Insight understands the importance of putting the customer first by providing them with exceptional support.”

In this year’s survey, Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform received top marks across a number of industry ranks, demonstrating its strength in both the dashboarding-focused and self-service reporting-focused product peer groups. The company’s top scores showcased the platform’s capability in delivering timely results with a high degree of certainty to its end-users. In addition, the survey results indicated that the Diver Platform performed successfully while seeing some of the highest data volumes in the field.

Specific categories that Dimensional Insight received top rankings in include:

  • Business value: This category combined the “business benefits,” “product success,” “price-to-value perception,” “project length,” and “innovation” KPIs. In this category, end-users saw the Diver Platform as a provider of exceptional business value, where Dimensional Insight ranked first among vendors with self-service reporting-focused tools. In terms of business benefits, Dimensional Insight also topped its competition with a perfect 10 out of 10 score in the self-service reporting-focused, dashboarding-focused and Americas-focused peer groups.
  • Competitive win rate: For this KPI, which was based on the percentage of wins in competitive evaluations, Dimensional Insight was tough to beat. Along with its query performance, a key competitive advantage of Dimensional Insight was its time-to-value in target industries such as manufacturing supply chain and healthcare.
  • Customer experience: The customer experience KPI combined the “ease of use,” “self-service,” “performance satisfaction,” “flexibility for the user,” and “recommendation” KPIs. Dimensional Insight sat in the enviable position of third place in customer experience amongst 16 companies in the dashboarding-focused products peer group.
  • Product satisfaction: Based on the frequency of problems encountered with the product, achieving high marks in this KPI required tremendous commitment and dedication. The rankings found that Dimensional Insight has honed its recipe for product satisfaction in the Diver Platform by combining technology, industry expertise and implementation support in a unified value proposition. As a result, this winning recipe resulted in first and second place survey standings in the dashboarding-focused and self-service reporting-focused products peer groups respectively.
  • Query performance: Based on how quickly queries respond, Dimensional Insight beat its competition in this KPI across the dashboarding-focused, self-service reporting-focused and Americas-focused peer groups demonstrating its undisputed capability in this core BI function.

“Dimensional Insight holds itself to the highest standard in developing best-in-class products that provide valuable business insights and deliver exceptional experiences for our customers,” said Fred Powers, president and CEO of Dimensional Insight. “Achieving these high rankings points directly to our customers’ satisfaction and overall trust in our product as well as the superior functionality of our Diver Platform.”

Dimensional Insight also outranked key BI vendors and tools including Qlik, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI in the above categories. For more information on Dimensional Insight’s rankings in The BI Survey 16, please download the Dimensional Insight highlight report at https://www.dimins.com/barc-bi-survey/.

About Dimensional Insight

Dimensional Insight is a leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions. The company offers a complete portfolio of BI capabilities ranging from data integration and modeling to sophisticated reporting, analytics, and dashboards. Founded in 1989, Dimensional Insight has thousands of customer organizations worldwide. Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform™ consistently ranks as a top performing business intelligence platform by customers and industry analysts in its core market segments including healthcare, manufacturing and beverage alcohol industries. For more information, please visit https://www.dimins.com.

About The BI Survey

The BI Survey 16 – now in its sixteenth year – is based on findings from a global survey featuring 3,137 respondents answering a series of detailed questions about their usage of a named product in the BI space. The survey compares BI products in areas including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation, and agility.  Altogether, 37 products (or groups of products) are analyzed in detail. For more details see https://bi-survey.com/

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