HIMSS Analytics Survey Sponsored by Dimensional Insight Finds Less Than 1 in 4 Healthcare Organizations Use Executive Dashboard Daily to Make Strategic Decisions

Survey finds majority of decisions being made on departmental or single-hospital basis; 1 in 6 healthcare organizations using 10 or more analytics tools

Burlington, Mass.—March 4, 2019—Dimensional Insight®, the maker of Diver Platform™, a data management and analytics solution, today announced the results of a survey it conducted with HIMSS Analytics of 110 senior healthcare leaders. The survey found that while approximately two-thirds of healthcare organizations (67.9%) have an executive dashboard to support strategic decision-making, only one-third of those organizations (35.1%) use it on a daily basis. That means that in total, less than 1 in 4 healthcare organizations (23.9%) leverage their data at an executive level daily.

Survey results also show:

  • While the majority (92.7%) of organizations have an analytics strategy, less than one-third (31.8%) have been executing on that strategy for some time.
  • More than half of organizations (58.6%) use the analytics provided through their executive dashboard to facilitate decisions at only a departmental or single-hospital level.
  • Only 24.3% of healthcare organizations are able to leverage analytics throughout an entire multi-hospital system.

In addition, the survey looked at the number of analytics solutions in use. It found that healthcare organizations are using an average of nearly four analytics tools. Approximately 1 in 6 organizations (16.5%) have 10 or more analytics solutions in use across their system.

“While many healthcare organizations have the best of intentions when it comes to analytics, they struggle with how to facilitate data-driven decision-making system-wide and on a regular basis,” says Fred Powers, president and CEO of Dimensional Insight. “The sheer number of analytics tools in use means that different departments within an organization will often have different numbers or measures, and it’s hard to reconcile them, leading to a more siloed look at data.”

For a closer look at the survey data, please visit https://www.dimins.com/white-papers/himss-analytics-executive-dashboard/ to download the full report.

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Press Release

March 4, 2019

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Kathy Sucich at Dimensional Insight