Dimensional Insight a Top Performer in Annual KLAS Report

Score of 88.3 is just one-tenth of a point below leader in healthcare business intelligence/analytics category in the 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report

Burlington, Mass. – February 8, 2018 – Dimensional Insight, a developer of analytics and data management solutions for complex and highly regulated industries, today announced that it was a top performer in the healthcare business intelligence/analytics category in the 2018 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report. Its score of 88.3 was just one-tenth of a point behind the leader in the category.

Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform is the only five-time Best in KLAS winner in the business intelligence/analytics category. It is an end-to-end solution that allows healthcare organizations to integrate and validate data, apply business rules, query and explore the data, visualize it, and ultimately, make better decisions off of the insights.

“This strong showing in the annual KLAS report provides further validation that our customers are able to gain valuable insights from Diver, and ultimately, improve outcomes,” says Fred Powers, president and CEO of Dimensional Insight. “Since the inception of the business intelligence/analytics category in 2010, we have continually posted high scores, demonstrating that customers value our laser focus on helping them attain their goals.”

Following is some of the feedback KLAS received on Diver Platform:

  • “I love that I can easily and quickly obtain patient population information from The Diver Platform, and it is very intuitive. I am not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination, and I can pull valuable data pretty quickly. The Diver Platform works amazingly well. It is possibly the best software we have ever purchased.” – Manager, Jan. 2018
  • “Dimensional Insight does their job so well that even large organizations should consider The Diver Platform, even though it is small. The system’s versatility is second to none. Users can mine data for any business and look at it from a predictive perspective. Dimensional Insight’s technology is driven by a room full of MIT graduates who are amazingly smart.” – Analyst/coordinator, Dec. 2017
  • “The Diver Platform seems to meet a lot of our needs for analytics and process improvement, and it also has measurements in our base EMR system. We pull out the measurements, analyze the cycle times, and do other things like that in The Diver Platform. For our type of facility, we have proven to get great use out of the system. The staff members who use it directly are highly enthusiastic about it. They are pretty high promoters of the software because it satisfies a lot of our needs.” – CEO/President, Aug. 2017

*Selected commentary collected about Dimensional Insight, Diver Platform, by KLAS, August 2017- January 2018. For a complete view visit https://klasresearch.com/Home.

For more information on Dimensional Insight’s solutions for healthcare, please visit: https://www.healthcare.dimins.com/.

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Dimensional Insight is a leading provider of analytics and data management solutions, offering a complete portfolio of capabilities ranging from data integration and modeling to sophisticated reporting, analytics, and dashboards. Founded in 1989, Dimensional Insight has thousands of customer organizations worldwide. Dimensional Insight’s Diver Platform™ consistently ranks as a top performing analytics platform by customers and industry analysts in its core market segments including healthcare, manufacturing, and beverage alcohol. For more information, please visit https://www.dimins.com.

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February 8, 2018

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