How to Split Views and Dock Tabs

While you can have multiple files open in the Workbench main window space, you can also split the view in this space to view content simultaneously.

For example, you can have two tabs open in the main window space. Currently, only the content for the selected tab is visible, but you can split the screen to display the content for both tabs at the same time.

Two Tabs in the Main Window Space

To split the screen:

  1. Click and hold the selected tab and drag the mouse towards the middle of the window.

    The cursor changes its appearance and a set of docking squares appear.

    Click on tab and drag to center

  2. Position the cursor over the docking squares according to how you want to split the screen, and release the cursor.

    The top Top Docking Icon and bottom Bottom Docking Icon squares split the screen horizontally.

    Horizontal split screen

    The left Left Docking Icon and right Right Docking Icon squares split the screen vertically.

    Vertical split screen

  3. To restore the original view, repeat steps 1 and 2 and select the center Center Docking Icon docking square of the other tab.

NOTE: You are not limited to a single split. Each divided section has its own docking squares, so you can continue to subdivide sections to display more content.