Startup Options

You can customize several aspects of how Workbench starts up as well as how it opens connections and projects. These settings are available from the General > Startup section of the Workbench Preferences dialog box (Tools > Preferences).

This table lists the choices for each of the start-up preferences.

Preference Choices
Show startpage
  • Schedules
  • ScriptsOverview
When a connection has been opened
  • Restore last server session
  • Ask to restore last server session
  • Show the Open Project Dialog
  • Show Startup Screen
  • Do nothing
When a project has been opened
  • Restore last project session
  • Ask to restore last project session
  • Do nothing
When DiveTab connection has been made, open root divetab file
  • True
  • False
When Workbench starts
  • Show Startup Screen
  • Restore last session
  • Open the Connection Manager
  • Start working offline
  • Do nothing