Broadcast Settings

You can configure DI-Broadcast to work with a DiveLine from Workbench. This process is similar to configuring DI-Broadcast with DI-Config or by manually modifying the atlcfg.cfg file, but is accessible through Workbench server settings.

  1. In Workbench, click Tools > Server Settings > General.

  2. Under the Options section, click the ClosedBroadcast Settings chevron to display the settings.

The broadcast settings consist of the following:

  • Broadcast Mail Server—Specifies the mail server that DI-Broadcast should send mail from.

  • Broadcast From Address—Specifies the e-mail address that DI-Broadcast should use for sending.

  • Broadcast Mail TLS (Transport Layer Security)—Specifies whether transport layer security is enabled, disabled, or required.

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Auth Username—Specifies a valid login user name for the DI-Broadcast mail server.

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Auth Password—Specifies a valid login password for the DI-Broadcast mail server

  • Java EXE Path—Specifies the system path to the Java executable.

  • DIAL JAR Path—Specifies the system path to the dial.jar file.

For more information about DI-Broadcast, see DI-Broadcast Overview.